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Whether you are a business executive with staffing and consulting needs or a candidate looking for an opportunity to fit your skills, HicksPro can help you grow.

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HicksPro partners with amazing clients and looks for individuals with the proven ability to learn, grow and excel.

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At HicksPro, we act quickly and believe our longstanding record of success speaks for itself.

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    At HicksPro we act quickly and believe our longstanding record of success speaks for itself

    We operate with honesty, integrity and clarity.

    We are genuinely interested in helping companies and people succeed.

    We communicate with candor.

    We act now and make every hour count.

    Our reputation is everything.

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    The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to maintaining a resilient, sustainable, and healthy force into perpetuity. At the same time, this same commitment runs strong in helping those who have served this country with honor and distinction transition as they began a new chapter of their life.