Tried and True, Veterans Get the Job Done

Veteran hiring is a hot topic among business leaders today. Ultimately, the decision to hire a military veteran for a project or a job needs to make smart business sense, period. The concept of “helping veterans” by providing them with jobs or projects simply doesn’t cut it and isn’t tangible enough in today’s business world. To top it off, the charitable concept is downright insulting to veterans. As a veteran myself, I can confidently say we do not want — nor are we comfortable with — taking a handout. Instead, veterans want to be evaluated and valued based on their finely-tuned skills, their sense of character and the competitive advantage they bring to the table.

With that said, military veterans offer a number of competitive advantages for businesses needing top-notch support, including:

  • They show up:  Let’s face it, there’s a reason people say “showing up is half-the battle.” First and foremost, businesses need staff and/or contract workers to show up — physically and figuratively — to get the job done. After proudly and voluntarily serving their nation, military veterans have demonstrated they are a dependable group that can be trusted to show up and also be present (and yes, there is most definitely a difference).
  • Trainability:  Training, ramp-up time and information retention represent a huge cost for most businesses. Regardless of the military branch or level, every veteran who holds an honorable discharge has gone through months — if not years — of training to build new technical and personal skills and align into military culture. Without question, veterans are highly trainable, not likely to quit, and are unequivocally committed to success.
  • Discipline:  To be most profitable, businesses need staff and/or contract workers to be disciplined and stay focused on the task or objective at hand. During their military service, veterans have learned to achieve a high degree of discipline, resulting in increased self-control, character and efficiency — all of which can benefit any business.
  • Team players:  Especially when it comes to solving complex or multi-tiered problems, a team approach is the only way to go, offering a variety of perspectives and expertise beneficial for identifying and delivering a workable solution. There is simply no such thing as a “lone wolf” in the military. Military veterans are very accustomed to working together as a cohesive unit in order to accomplish objectives. In fact, their lives once depended on it and they have been trained to thrive together.
  • Dedicated:  High turnover can be very costly to a business. In addition to causing needless delays, costs can be multiplied given the expense involved to get new staff up-to-speed. Therefore, it’s important to invest in people who are likely to stick with a project to completion or commit long term to a team. Keep in mind, an honorable discharge in the military is similar to a four-year degree and demonstrates the ability to stay true and accomplish a long-term goal.

Businesses should look at any veteran hiring program as a strategic advantage. By their very nature, military veterans have demonstrated they can strengthen a business culture, add value to existing team members, boost teamwork and positively impact the bottom line.

Note:  Hicks Professional Group is interested in hearing from veterans who would like to put their finely-tuned skills to work to help many of today’s leading companies achieve their business objectives.  If interested, please contact our lead veteran recruiter Jamie Louie at

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