Starbucks Devises a Strategy for Veteran Support


In an attempt to engage members of the military community, who will soon be transitioning to civilian life, Starbucks announced plans to hire 10,000 veterans and active duty spouses in the next five years. As a part of this strategy for veteran support, the Seattle based coffee chain will try to provide career opportunities to a group that suffers from higher unemployment rate (10.1%) than the general population (7.2%).

Though the veterans are praised for their combat skills, they find it difficult to mold these to meet the requirements of a civilian job market. The aim of this strategic form of outreach to the military group is to utilize their expertise in logistics, supply chain management and leadership roles to continue and even boost their current levels of growth and market value. Starbucks chief executive, Howard Schultz, said that besides changing the internal recruitment infrastructure, his company also plans to open five stores in or near military bases the profits from which will be shared with the local communities. These changes have been in sync with and an extension of a specialized mentoring program for veterans. This is provided by the company in association with the Armed Forces Network (AFN) and helps in merging the military community with the civilian job market by providing access to information and resources that are necessary for becoming successful.

It is crucial to integrate the military community with the mainstream to ensure that the services provided by them for the country are duly paid for. Starbucks is creating values for stakeholders based on these community service plans that are meant to cater to the veterans and active duty spouses.

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