Talent War: Rules of Engagement

What does four percent unemployment mean for businesses today? In short, it means the nation is in an all-out war for great talent. The latest jobs report showed an unexpected (and whopping) 209,000 jobs were created in July which followed June’s also surprisingly high number of 231,000. Currently at 4.3 percent unemployment, a recent report […]

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On the Battlefield or in the Boardroom, “Wait” is a Four-Letter Word

(*Guest blog post by Justin Berkenstock) One of the hottest topics in today’s business world flying around management meetings and among recruiting teams is focused on how to locate and hire employees who can perform under high stress and pressure. People spend thousands of dollars annually going to symposiums and lectures that talk about this […]

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The Value Of Practice

Former Navy SEAL Darren Hicks Discusses the Significance of Practice from Rehearsal on Vimeo. Take a few minutes and check out some relational insights from our CEO/President, and former Navy SEAL, Darren Hicks. Here he speaks on the significance of practice and how it can translate from the Military’s Special Operations world to the civilian […]

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Preventing Communication Breakdown In Business World and On Battlefield

(*Guest Blog Post by Justin Berkenstock) As we push forward into 2016 here at HicksPro, many hours have been spent reflecting on the growth of our Veteran Recruiting Programs.  While it’s always rewarding to be able to see a program we are passionate about mature and grow, I’ve also come to a renewed and sharpened […]

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When Hiring … Trainability Trumps All

Businesses large and small already realize the process to recruit, hire, train and on-board employees can be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes simply exhausting. To make matters worse, new staff members don’t always work out. When a new employee leaves a company within a short period of time for any reason, the employee start-up costs skyrocket […]

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Public Sector Contracts … Big Business or Big Burden For Talent Agencies?

Chasing RFPs, submitting proposals and securing lucrative contracts with the federal and state governments equate to big business for talent agencies. For any organization that wins public sector awards — whether for construction, IT or consulting, for example — most will end up also using at least one outside staffing or consulting agency to help […]

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