A Culture of Continued Success, Military-Style

At HicksPro, Veterans Day is a paid day off to observe the service of our nation’s veterans.  It is the least we can do.

As the day approaches, I sit back and look at how the HicksPro Veteran Recruiting Program has grown over the past three years.  One of the issues that keeps surfacing internally in our organization – and with our clients and around our country – is contemplating from where our future business leaders are going to come.

For HicksPro, the answer is obvious – from within.  This is so cliché I know.  We hear it all of the time, organizations are constantly aspiring to “promote from within.”  Yet it seems to rarely work or they opt for external management hiring.  Why?  Perhaps they should consider hiring different people in the first place.

At HicksPro, promoting from within seems so obvious given we are set up that way.  However, maybe it isn’t so obvious.  I realized this is our culture and expectation because I am the CEO and I consider the most important aspect of my job is to set, communicate and uphold the culture of our team.

Keep in mind, I didn’t strategically come up with a culture of leadership allowing to promote from within and it isn’t specifically called out in our core values.  So why is it so ingrained?  The “aha” moment for me was the realization that because I’m a veteran and my initial leadership training was developed in the military, it’s not even a question.  The military ALWAYS promotes from within.  In every branch, in every pay grade, enlisted or officer, all of the leadership positions in the military are filled with people who were trained, developed and advanced into those positions.  There is no such thing as hiring external people to run the organization.  From the Generals of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Sergeant leading and managing his platoon in Afghanistan.  They all started at the bottom and worked their way up.  They were “promoted from within.”

The military ingrains this into its service members and it is extremely competitive to advance.  Even to the extent that if a service member is not advancing on schedule through the ranks – meaning every few years taking on more management and leadership responsibility – they are forced out.  This holds true for both officers and enlisted members.
In short, the military finds the right people with the right character for the future leadership roles, then trains and develops them to lead the military for the future.  If your company is looking to do the same thing, consider hiring more veterans.

To all veterans past and present on this Veterans Day, the team at HicksPro will be taking time appreciating you.

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The Navy SEAL Foundation is committed to maintaining a resilient, sustainable, and healthy force into perpetuity. At the same time, this same commitment runs strong in helping those who have served this country with honor and distinction transition as they began a new chapter of their life.